2022 Gold Rush Writers Conference

Sharon Strong
Sharon Strong

Turning Points

Turning points are key moments that bring a narrative to life. They say "Stop here. Explore what you thought you knew. Go deep until you hit the bedrock of human experience that connects you with your reader."

For the memoir writer, the journey is as much inward as it is outward. A story told in vulnerability and authenticity is universal. Sharon Strong, author of BURNING WOMAN, Memoirs of an Elder (She Writes Press, 2022), a visual artist and clinical psychologist, will introduce a creative method of capturing those moments along the timeline of your memoir.

There are so many stories. Which ones represent the essence of what you want to communicate? All you need to bring is your memoir project, whatever stage it's in, your curiosity, and willingness to engage in (serious) play. All materials will be provided.


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