2024 Gold Rush Writers Conference

Podcasting and You Tube


Sarah Lunsford

Sarah Lunsford

YouTube for Authors is an interactive session focused on helping authors to create content for their own YouTube channels.
It will cover the importance of individual branding and authenticity in content creation as well as technical skills. Please set up your YouTube channel before this session (here's a link to get you started: https://blog.hubspot.com
Bring a laptop or tablet to access your channel and phone to film content.

Podcasting for Authors is a session focused on podcast creation for authors. Podcasting is one of the fastest growing forms of media in today's media landscape. Authors can take advantage of this by bringing their own unique voice into the space.

This class will cover the basics of podcasting and the importance of authenticity and branding. It will also cover technical tips to make the best podcast you can with the equipment you have.


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