2022 Gold Rush Writers Conference

Finding Your Voice


Kevin Arnold

Kevin Arnold
This session is for those of us who find ourselves torn between the various roles of novelist, journalist, screenwriter, poet, short story/flash fiction writer or blogger. The heart of the workshop will be listening to each other's voices and offering suggestions as to what works and doesn't work.

I'll begin the session by briefly discussing the marketing trends of each of the above roles, after which we'll go into readings.
Participants are expected* to bring 13 copies of a writing sample-poetry, prose; screenplay or newspaper article-no more than 250 words. Reading the work aloud will give each of us a good feel for how it sounds to read in public and how people respond.

* If you don't feel comfortable reading your own work, please bring copies and read 200 words of your favorite writer.

This workshop is limited to ten participants.


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