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Tom Weidlingere
Tom Weidlinger

Tom Weidlinger

Tom Weidlinger is a writer and filmmaker who has been writing, directing and producing documentaries for 35 years. His work deals with a wide range of subjects, from the emotional development of boys to humanitarian aid in the Congo. Social justice is a common theme.
One film, created in collaboration with Native American author Joe Bruchac was Jim Thorpe, The World's Greatest Athlete, receiving over 6,000 television broadvcasts.

His latest film, The Restless Hungarian, is his most personal project. It's based on his book of the same title, awarded a gold medal for biography from the 2020 Independent Publisher's Book Awards.

Combining documentary material with recreated scenes from his own childhood, the filmmaker discovers how family tragedies, mental illness and suicide are manifestations of trauma passed on from one generation to the next.

Weidlinger's quest makes meaning from his family's suffering, resulting in a healing work that breaks the cycle of intergenerational trauma.



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