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Ace Antonio Hall

Nzondi (Ace Antonio-Hall)

Nzondi (Ace Antonio Hall) is an American horror author and is the first African-American to win a Bram Stoker in a novel category for his young adult book. The Bram Stoker Award is the most prestigious award given to horror writers in the world.

Recently, Nzondi was inspired by one of the characters in his upcoming work subtitled Blood-Teens (the head title is still a secret). He wrote, sung and produced an alternative rock song called “Teenage RockStarr” based on a teenage vampire singer named Elle, who is a part of a band named Toxic in his story. The song was released in July and it features the legendary hip-hop artist Fredro Starr from the group Onyx and David Moreno on drums, who currently plays for Puddle of Mudd.

A former Director of Education for NYC schools and the Sylvan Learning Center, Nzondi earned a BFA from Long Island University. His latest novel, Lipstick Asylum, and his other works can be found on his website: https://www.aantoniohall.com

Social Media Links:
Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/nzondi3?lang=en
YouTube https://youtu.be/GyeVE0LiYnA
TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTdErKHEB/M
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/aceantoniohall
Website http://teenagerockstarr.com/
Mobile https://wmd.ffm.to/nzondi
Facebook https://m.facebook.com/Nzondi-112400074854538
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Lipstick Asylum will be released in September

Lipstick Asylum

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