2023 Gold Rush Writers Conference

About Us

The Gold Rush Writers Conference was founded in 2005 by a dedicated group of writers who rendezvoused regularly in Mokelumne Hill. They were charmed and stimulated by the tiny village said to have once been the "biggest, baddest town" in the Mother Lode.

Argonauts had struck pay dirt here and soon it seemed that these writers were, as well. Their goal has been to share the wealth. By bringing together writers and poets for workshops, lectures, panels and readings, it is hoped that all will "strike it rich."

The conference is a non-profit venture, currently under the fiscal sponsorship of 501(c)3 nonprofit regional publisher Manzanita Writers Press.
The event has been sponsored over the years by the Calaveras County Arts Council, Poets & Writers, in partnership with the James Irvine Foundation, the Calaveras Community Foundation, Mokelumne Hill Trust, and the Mokelumne Hill Library, Mokelumne and Arnold branches of Friends of the Library, as well as many other donors in the region.

Antoinette May, founding director, says, "Our combined efforts enable writers on all levels to receive insight on their work from established professionals.
Opportunities abound for networking and the establishment of working communities with other like-minded artists. It's a "golden" opportunity.
Come see for yourself."

Antoinette May Herndon

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