2018 Gold Rush Writers Conference

How to Get an Agent


Lucy Sanna

Lucy Sanna In seeking the right agent for her own work, Lucy Sanna developed a step-by-step strategy. In this workshop - for writers of fiction and memoir - Lucy covers everything from finding and attracting the right agent, to the subsequent writer-agent-editor partnership.

She begins with a look at the role the agent plays in today's chaotic publishing industry and presents key websites that provide effective, actionable data to help you in your search.

In the second part of the workshop, Lucy turns to the query. Not only does she provide a blueprint for a winning query, she also offers strategies for getting agents to actually open the email and read the query. From a "must open" subject line through each strategic paragraph, she presents what to include, how, and why.
Once you have an agent, what's next? She covers that, too.


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