2018 Gold Rush Writers Conference



Lucy Sanna

Lucy Sanna The writer uses Point of View just as a photographer uses focus - for perspective, distance, and shades of clarity.
As a writer, you can focus in close, telling the story from an individual POV, or you can pull way back to a godlike panorama. You have many choices. Even within one POV (whether first or third), you can move from an interior perspective to a middle distance and back. You can shift perspectives among two or more characters. Or you can speak with authoritative omniscience, going into all the characters' perspectives at once.

While a short story will typically use only one POV, a longer work could combine them. Lucy Sanna uses examples from works from well-respected fiction writers to examine a variety of points of view, why the writer would choose a specific POV, and how that works to his or her advantage.


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