2018 Gold Rush Writers Conference

Alternatives in Publishing Panel

Find your pathway to publication

Discussion moderated by Erika Mailman

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Across the life of our conference, writers have published through the traditional path of pitching to—and working with—an agent and then securing a publisher for their book. Over the past decade, however, additional publishing options have been made available to writers. It is now possible to self publish your books, and many of our writers have celebrated their successes in this arena.

Because of these additional options, we will feature a Pathway to Publication Keynote Panel on Sunday morning of the conference. Representatives from both traditional agencies and self publishing companies will be on hand to walk us through the advantages—and disadvantages—of each type of publishing path.

Be prepared to walk away with much more knowledge about your book's future. We can describe alternatives to the New York hegemony, where they've traditionally given good advances to keep writers from ever making the real money on books that sell well. $2 a book is a fraction of what you can make with an alternative press.


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